1. The owner of the cat is obliged to inform the staff about the health status and habits of the cat.
  2. The owner of the cat is obliged to communicate with the staff and answer as soon as possible questions from the staff related to the care and protection of the cat at the accommodation.
  3. If the owner does not pick up the cat on the last day of the booked period, he is automatically charged for the day of accommodation at the regular price, and possible additional costs such as food and veterinary services.
  4. If the owner has not taken over the cat and the staff cannot get in touch with him, the Happy Cat's House can look for a cat adopter.
  5. The cat must be vaccinated against infectious diseases (evidence from a veterinarian), cleaned of parasites, and spayed/neutered (if not a breeding cat).
  6. In case of a necessary need for veterinary service, the staff of the Happy Cat House undertakes to provide it, and the owner of the cat will cover the cost of treatment.
  7. The staff of the House is obliged to take care of the cat in accordance with the Animal Protection Act of the Republic of Croatia, and regularly inform the owner about the condition and any possible changes in the behavior of the cat.
  8. The owner of the cat undertakes not to publicly publish photos or videos from the house's surveillance cameras, which show other cats or persons.
  9. A happy cat's house cannot be held responsible for any injuries or illnesses of any type.
  10. The reservation is considered to be made by paying 50% of the total amount, and in case of cancellation of the reservation, the client is entitled to a refund of the paid funds if the term is not canceled three days before the date.