Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I extend the cat's stay after the booked term expires?
    Yes, if there are any apartments available. In this case, be sure to contact us.
  2. When can I bring a cat and what time should I pick it up?
    We try to meet our clients to the maximum and adapt to their obligations, but the time of picking up a cat should not be after 9 pm. In this case, another night should be booked. Anything else can be done by appointment.
  3. How will my cat react to being in the House and to other cats?
    When the cat arrives for the first time in the House, we always talk to the owners about the temperament and behavior of the cat. Each owner knows his cat well and can point out certain behaviors and habits. The space is two-storey with many places that ensure play, but also peace and intimacy, it is covered by video surveillance, and when accepting and her first day, special attention is monitored to her behavior in order to make her stay as pleasant as possible. It usually takes a day or two to relax and fit in with the rest of the team. We always advise you to bring an object (toy/blanket) with you that will remind the cat of its space.
  4. Do you accept cats in therapy?
    There is a possibility of giving therapy if the cat is used to it, and if not, it can be arranged to go to the veterinarian for therapy. Be sure to contact us to talk about everything.
  5. What should I bring when I bring a kitty?
    Proof of vaccination (unless you have already submitted a sufficient amount of food (unless you have chosen the food option of the Happy Cat House) and it is desirable to take a cat's personal item (blanket /toy).
  6. Can I leave the transporter in the space of the House?
    Freely. We will indicate which one is yours and save it correctly.
  7. I don't want the cat to leave my space. Do you have a cat tour service in my apartment?
    We have. The tour is done twice a day, usually in the morning and after noon. The service includes feeding, changing the water, cleaning the toilet, cuddling and playing (depending on the cat's wishes), and reporting to the owner about the condition of the cat.
  8. Can you pick up/bring the cat home?
    We. It is calculated 3 kuna per kilometer plus 20 kuna start.
  9. What about in case of cancellation?
    In case of cancellation up to 3 days before the scheduled date, the House will refund you the entire amount paid. If the reservation is cancelled within three days before the day of the first scheduled date, the House retains the amount paid.