COR- sound therapy for animals

Birdsong, rustling of leaves, spinning of cats, the sound of waves, laughter, favorite song... these are all sounds that awaken positive emotions of relaxation, happiness and pleasure that activate the body, stimulate the processes of regeneration and keep us healthy and in balance. Sound therapy is an ancient method of healing and relaxation with numerous applications in health and wellness. We at COR, the quantum center... Read more

Renovation of premises

A new room for cats has been arranged. It can be used by all cats or cats that need time to join the cat community, so this room allows her an insight into society, and yet has her own space.

A new tree has arrived.

On the lower floor of our hotel we put a new tree, since the two trees on the upper floor are constantly occupied and gladly used by the. As soon as the dear master mounted, a group of quality checking cats approved his work.

Kuća Sretne Mace in Večernjak

The house of a happy cat is exactly what its name says and it is the first impression already at the entrance to this two-storey hotel for cats in the New Zagreb neighborhood of Sloboština – climbers and scratchers, toys, water fountains, catnip, protective nets, artificial fur and tufted carpets and, of course, small hairy runners, entertained by cat stunts. ... Read more

Dear cat lovers

We went out of our way to create a House that our hairy people would be able to enjoy. We expect the opening very soon, so we are already accepting pre-orders for accommodation or other our services. Take a look at our gallery, the ubiquitous model in the photos is Yoda – the hostess of the House. The space is two-storey, with plenty of space to hide and climb, provides both intimacy and space for ... Read more