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Birdsong, rustling of leaves, spinning of cats, the sound of waves, laughter, favorite song... these are all sounds that awaken positive emotions of relaxation, happiness and pleasure that activate the body, stimulate the processes of regeneration and keep us healthy and in balance.
Sound therapy is an ancient method of healing and relaxation with numerous applications in health and wellness.
We at COR, the center for quantum and energy medicine, use the perfect blend of physics and biology. After many years of successful work with people, out of love for our little, animal friends, we want to provide them with all the benefits of quantum medicine. With a specialized device with special algorithms, we find the frequencies of healthy cells of the animal. These are precisely the frequencies with which at the information level there is resonance (matching) with your pet. When the electromagnetic fields of cells vibrate at these frequencies, they ensure health, regeneration and balance, thereby pulling away ailments and symptoms.
Sound therapies balance all systems in the body, including immune and hormonal, which relieves pain, achieves optimal health and internal balance.
Animals, like us humans, can experience trauma due to abuse, loss, moving, have fears, negative emotions and behavioral changes, where sound therapies make it easier for them to overcome challenges and daily activities because they also affect the emotional component of animals. There are also many advantages in palliative care.
We send you audio therapies electronically, and they contain resonant, healing, sound frequencies that are enough to let near your pet.
COR sound therapies are completely non-invasive, without side effects, do not harm the body and provide complete safety of animals and humans.
COR sound therapies last about 15 minutes, are easy to use, can be listened to through every computer, cell phone and other electronic devices. It is best to perform them in a familiar, natural environment, for the feeling of security, comfort and relaxation of the animal.
COR sound therapies balance the entire body and provide assistance in retreating symptoms or completely eliminating a number of disorders and conditions such as:
recovery and healing of wounds after injuries or surgical procedures, relief and elimination of pain, strengthening of the immune system, diseases (skin, bone, neurological...), tumors, strengthening of the entire organism and all life functions, autoimmune diseases (lupus, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, arthritis...), allergies, psoriasis, dermatitis, cardiovascular diseases, nerve damage, thyroid disorders, pancreas, adrenal glands, asthma, tumors, inflammation, difficult bone healing, incontinence, stress and its negative effects...
mental/psychological: depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, lack of strength, listlessness, anxiety...
emotional: relieves aggressive behavior caused by illness or pain, support and help in coping with trauma and emotions (fear, sadness, anger, anger... )

Experiences of our users

My retriever Rea, 12 years old, had a stroke after which she had a very hard time walking. Her head was falling and her body was drifting to the left. She refused food. Falling asleep was advised. Already after listening to the audio treatment for the first time, she was much better. She began to defecate, take food and water. After 3 days, she began to walk normally. There was no end to our surprise and happiness. Quantum medicine is a treasure! (Reina's pleased owner)
My cat Lili who is about to turn one year came limping with a sore on her paw. She was depressed, didn't eat and just slept. After the audio treatment she came alive, ate and played, limped less. In the morning, she no longer limped at all, ate normally and was lively. The other cat had a bump on his neck that turned out to be an abscess after the bite of another cat. He listened to audio therapy and within a few hours the pus leaked out so that the vet did not have to cut him, but only cleaned his wound. Within a few days, he made a full recovery. I'm thrilled with the results of quantum therapy. (Vlatka)

I have a puppy Named Nara who contracted epilepsy two years ago. She received drug therapy for a year and her condition would improve, and then worsen again. When they suggested audio therapy, I accepted eagerly, but I never imagined that this therapy would help my puppy so much. The attacks became milder, less frequent and after the attack my Nara recovers very quickly, she is cheerful, lively and curious. I finally have a puppy again in the truest sense of the word. Thank you! (Nina)

Recently, we got hurt by a cat, A Scumbag, who was run over by a car. He could not move and stopped eating, worms appeared in the wound on his stomach. He was in terrible shape, practically dead. We feared the worst. With the first audio therapy, he began to move and take food, and eventually fully recovered. I would recommend to everyone these treatments with which we have experienced real miracles. Many thanks to the whole team! (Lucia)

My Cuki, a Belgian shepherd, has been very sick since the day of adoption. He had severe allergies from March to October. From itching he would make wounds to his eyes, front paws and wherever he could reach his teeth. He couldn't stand any food. Cuki started listening to sound therapy. Incredibly, but it was our first year without any medication and with normal digestion. I recommend treatments to anyone who has a sickly pet because it saved us. (Anna)

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